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Crumbs, crumbly crumbs, in mah bed.

2010-03-12 23:28:46 by ElectricToothbrush

Crumbs, crumbly, crumbs, crumbly, crumbs, crumbly, crumbs, crumbly, crumbs, in mah bed. MAH BED!

This YTPMV fad is truly epic. Kitsune^2 FTW.

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2010-04-21 18:35:37

So rainbow beavers... I knew you were a fag!

ElectricToothbrush responds:

Fail troll is fail, GTFO my page.
Also if I like beavers, how does that make me a fag? I belive it'd make me the exact opposite ;)


2010-04-23 16:27:21

Wow, that was amazing! That really made my day! I have to download this song!!!!! BTW I love the lava reef song you made, very good stuff. God bless.
~IceMasterDlux ><>

ElectricToothbrush responds:

Thank you! XD


2010-04-24 06:48:33


ElectricToothbrush responds: